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Mary kept these sayings in her heart...

when you get a vision, the first thing to do is to prepare yourself for enemy attack. "It can't be done", he'll say, "You don't have the talent, resources or the courage" or my personal favorite "Has God said"?

--If God gave you vision, He will give you Pro-vision--

After receiving vision, look for manifestation of resource to appear. You must keep your eyes on Jesus and don't blink as Peter did. Realize that God wants you to succeed. Continue under trial which is always part of the training process that builds the character to bear the weight of Gods glory. Always remember that it is for His glory and you'll do well.

--Mary mother of Messiah was quiet about her vision--.

Telling your vision will open you up for an onslaught of rebuke but faint not. God will use even That to strengthen your resolved sharpen your vision.

In all of the process stay focused on Jesus and maintain thankfulness, Joyfulness and a heart of praise and you will be filled with the Holy Spirit of God Beyond measure

Luke 2:19 But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

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