• Jason Klahr

To Hell In A Handbasket

Now would be a good time to heed the masters call

As horrific as it is that seemingly great swaths of the world are either actively, passively or are purposefully oblivious to Christian persecution -more in this century which is not over yet than all the preceding centuries combined- and as much as I'm not let's just say a fan of persecution considering I am a Christian. The thought that keeps popping up in my mind is that persecution not only strengthens ones resolve as a disciple but separates the "Rice Christians" from those who follow Christ for Christ and not the "Bennies". Do not mistake my words as if I were hoping for persecution, I only know it as an inevitability because my leader and King said it would be so. In spite of that rousing advertisement for that perks of following Christ let me add that it is about eternal rewards and to obtain them you must run the race through the pitfalls of this world and finish well maintaining your faith and obedience in Christ alone by faith alone. The thought I want to leave you with is for those who would perpetrate persecuting "Us", remember, We are only looking out for your eternal life and the more you persecute "Us" the more of "Us" there will be. If you Kill Us we will go to where we want to be (With Christ) But upon your inevitable final demise you will go to -No matter say you do- the last place you ever though you would be. Timelessly. You will have no argument before the righteous Judge with no recourse because while on earth even the rocks and stone were crying out for your salvation from everlasting hell.

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