• Jason Klahr

There Is Still Time

My heart grieves for you. I am sick with grief.  Do you know your end ? You who believe that world domination control and re-creating what God has created will afford you your father lucifer's blessing. You starve and kill all who do not follow your devilish ideology, Heaping up graves to your condemnation. You consume the innocent for pleasure and rob them of their destiny in Christ. Your lust is insatiable The pain of the life and untimely death of the most persecuted soul on this earth will not compare to the destiny you have chosen for yourself. You have fallen for lucifers timeless lie

Prophet's Cave

. The one he offered even the Son of Man. Bow down to do obeisance to me and I will give you all the kingdoms of the earth. The seed of God still cries out in your soul to turn back from this family but you suppress it with drugs with sex murderers, degradations searing your conscience with a hot iron… anything that will stop the voice of reason. do you follow your father in his madness believing that if he could blot out the lives of anyone who would give their life to God that the eventual end and judgment is Nul and void. If you could only kill everyone who has chosen Israel but somehow the gallows will be stayed. God is not a man that He should lie, He says, He will do. For some of you it is not too late ! God is merciful full of love and kindness all you need do is to repent and except the son of man Jesus Christ turn from your wicked ways and you shall be saved. Look around and see the intervention of God against your plans. Do not let that embolden you to more rebellion but surrender to Him and he lead you in the paths of His righteousness 

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