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The End Is Near

I remember seeing folks carrying signs in the town I grew top in back in the 70's "The End Is Near". My mother would irreverently say, "Jesus is coming, and boy is HE pissed". Not being a Christian at the time I never really got it. I don't know where Mom got her information from but she nailed it. It wasn't until I was 45 years old that I really got it and Yes He is angry when He returns. Have you ever been mad at something some one did but not at them. That is the simplest way I can explain Jesus' anger being directed at what we do.

On the off chance that you are not a disciple of Christ and are reading this far, I have good news. God's greatest desire is that not one person will Die. To clarify "Death" let me say that: Humans are basically 3 parts Spirit, Soul and Body -in that order.

Our mother gives birth to our "Body" the biological Dwelling that houses our Soul. The Soul -Mind Will and Emotions-is the guidance system of the Body. Most of us are not aware of our Spirit since we are capable of functioning in our environment with out it. The Spirit does not "Come Alive" until we recognize and accept our Creator as having reign over us. Until then He as the gentleman that He is, controls the environment you live in making sure there are the basic parameters for sustaining the body.

Because the lifespan of our bodies is limited, it fails to function and we call that event death. This however was not the original intention of the Creator. He purposed that our Spirit, Soul and Body continue to function. Here is where things get dicey.

This Creators purpose is to be Glorified in all that He has done and is. He is obviously is beyond our full comprehension and did create us which should give rise to gratefulness but He is also a perfect being which bars egocentric behavior. He also created other beings that are spirit Which I'm certain you are aware of one class, The Angels. There myriads upon myriads of these beings Having each their own attributes and ranks. One of the highest ranking Spirit beings was the Arc angel Lucifer - one of three, the others being Michael and Gabriel. Here is a good place to add The Creators principles of real Love. Real love among other things must be freely given. It can not be required since that would be conscription. We call this "Free Will". Lucifer decided to not only use that freewill to love himself more than God but decided God should not be his Lord. Also, When Lucifer found out that God's new creation -Humans- were destined to be greater than the angels he was not pleased. He set about to dethroning these humans before they could even sit on their thrones. Cut to the scene 3 "The Garden". Before their eventual dethroning the humans were Spirit , Soul and body but as a consequence of disobeying God they took off their Royal spirit robes and put on garments of mortality. You see the reality was that in the act of listening and obeying the voice of Lucifer They made him rightful King of their domain (the Earth).

God was teaching them how to be kings all along from the creation of Adam to his transgression. He/they Adam and eve were to inherit the creation but now it belonged to Lucifer. Having foreseen this before He created anything -as he is omniscient- He put into action the plan for Adam and Eves generations to inherit the earth as was originally planned. The seed in the previous link is Jesus -a part of the Godhead- Who being God was perfect and a ransom to buy back what Adam lost.

Since Lucifer didn't want any one to lord over him but a kingdom divided against itself can not stand God created a place for Lucifer and his followers human and angel so they could have their desire. Did I mention that 1/3 of the angels followed lucifer. Since lucifer doesn't want God's interference and God being a gentleman He will not interfere in this realm made for lucifer, there will be nothing that God created in that place

About now your wondering what does this have do with "The End Is Near". I'm so glad you asked. In order to be a Just God/Creator He would have to allow ample time for lucifers challenge to play out. That time is almost up. God has been patient in waiting for lucifer to try everything possible to win his case Against Him so there can be no doubt that God is the rightful ruler of everything He created. For those who get it and have bowed their knee now on this side of eternity there will be everlasting Joy and not so for those who chose to follow Lucifer.

God has been fair and just to allow this challenge continue so that there can be no legitimate question about God's sovereignty. God is perfect and he created us as perfect. A lot of the thoughts you may be wrestling with come from an imperfect Mind, Will And Emotions. most all of what I've written may even anger you. This is no fairy tale nor is it some ploy to unjustly subjugate you. I say these things to save your life and it eternal. News that the old world of turmoil is passing away and a new one will take its place is cause for rejoicing

. God intended for all of creation to decide for life. Spirit Soul and Body

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