• Jason Klahr

Shavout Shalom

This is a joyous occasion for Christians and for Jews alike.for Christian it is the ongoing revelation of the Messiah. For the Jew it is the hope of an awakening in their hearts that "It is Finished" He has risen and with that the old is now the new and God's original intention for the whole world to be reconciled back to the father. No more waiting and wondering when and who is the Messiah. He is the first fruit of grain who bore the leaven of the world to God. The High priest looks only at the sacrifice and it is good and we go freeform those who put their trust in the messiah. How I long to gather you.

I personally do not celebrate the Jewish Holidays as the celebratory rituals go but I do firmly believe that was Christians we would be wise to at least have a cursory knowledge of all the biblical ones (Including Purim) even though the book of Esther does not directly reference God, you can not read this account of God's people and not say that God did that. This particular Holy day is also important that it ushers in the church age (Birth of the body of Christ). It also gives insight into God's timeline for the world. I believe if you would begin to understand the Old Testament Holy Days, you will not only know God more deeply but His plan to save us from eternal separation from Him

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