• Jason Klahr

Post It Note

You know, the world full of sound bites Post It® notes and bumper stickers. Short thoughts or convey simple feelings expressed in a fly-by-night world. With the advent of social media advertising we have become a world full of short attention spans. We all claim we don't have the time to sit down listen to a teaching and that our lives are just too busy. But are we. The truth is, we are more distracted that we are busy. "There is just too much to do, to see or to experience." We say. We will spend hours online making bumper stickers and post it notes but I have no time to listen to God.

A close examination of ourselves will usually reveal our motives as to who's Glory it is for. What is the motivation for what you do. "I post these things online to share the Gospel". You say. All well and good. Do you also look to see how many likes you received? Do you repost it later for more likes or gauge the validity of your sayings by the number of likes or do you go to war with a detractor of your sayings?

Pride is a spirit. It was that spirit that got Lucifer kicked out of heaven and continues his demise. It is pervasive spirit that sucks you in by degrees. James said "We are first drawn out and enticed by our own lusts". Lust gives way to the spirit of pride. Each demonic spirit is tied to a work of the flesh. We desire (Lust) to be relevant, noticed and wanted. This desire is God breathed and something HE stands ready to fulfill when you "Turn Aside" and notice Him -as Moses did at the burning bush. As God is ready to receive us the devil seeks to deceive us and does so in part by reminding us on many levels that we are orphans.

Since satan knows that we have been orphaned, (rejected) -when we lost Gods favor in the garden- he uses that longing for a father to draw you to himself. In the case of those in the world, he give them to his family and keeps them busy with competing against each other for attention. There is no fear in love. Competition always has a spirit of fear. In this case a fear of losing acceptance. With God -and you've heard it said- "There is nothing more or less you can do that will make Him love you more or less. Adoption. Romans 8:15

Our enemy Takes this spirit of adoption in Christ and renames it the "Orphan Spirit" By -in the case of the Born Again- Changing the tense from the present to the past. This "Orphan Spirit" seeks to be wanted. When we are born again of the spirit of God, we have been restored to our father again, no longer Orphans who are seeking a father. We don't need to jump up and down for His attention. When we do, we are only really seeking mans approval. If we seek man's approval we will not receive Gods Galatians 1:10. Though his fate is sealed, ours is not.

If we are honest with ourselves we can be honest with God. Be honest with yourself. Am I striving to be relevant. Am I constantly looking to share the next revelation God has given you. Do I argue about non-essential doctrine. In short, what is my motive for all that i do. God looks at the heart. Look into yours.

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