• Jason Klahr

Is This All There Is

Ready for the Red Pill ?

We are closer to the end than when we first believed. Time is running out and the question of God's sovereignty is about to be answered. It is the question of whether He has the right to govern completely.

If you are waiting for Him to appear to make that decision you have already waited to long. you must make that decision before you leave your earth suit. The moment you cross the great divide your current belief is locked in. Like missing your exit but sorry no place to turn around. I don't say this out of superiority I say this as a plea for your soul. Your mind, Will and Emotions the very thing that is you will be cast into outer darkness as a wandering star in the midst of blackness and darkness forever.

If you have gotten this far in this post, I will only ask you to put down your prejudice and adopt critical thinking on this. it is the most crucial decision you will ever make. Whatever philosophy you've adopted you will always find a gap in it. you can even go as far as saying "This is all there is" but if you've not become adept enough at blocking out that yearning for things such as Justice and the true meaning of love then you've not found peace. Peace is knowing that regardless of circumstances, you are absolutely certain that you are safe. You can not find that in the world. It does not exist here. It only exists in in the realm of the creator. Heaven if you will. This Lucifer was once there until he questioned the Creators sovereignty to which he was expelled from Heaven. Full of Rage and Pride and Revenge He paid a visit to God's prize creation Mankind. He figured that if he could Get them to rebel against God as he did that God's claim to ownership of His creation would be void.

That is where we are at right now. God's claim is irrefutable but the devil believes if he can get all of creation to rebel either by deception or by out and out murder that he will win. Enter God in earthly form (Jesus) a perfect man born of a woman fathered by God the (Holy Spirit) to fulfill the requirements of a sinless man in order to reverse the curse of the first man Adam. Now, God, can erase the curse on all man who accept Jesus' sacrifice because God looks at us through Jesus. Like when you put sunglasses on.

I would add that you are not your own. Everyone will worship someone or something. sorry it's how we were built. We were built to worship God but worship with out the freedom as to who we worship would be slavery. and again this is where Lucifer sticks his nose in and direct our worship to his agenda. One need only look about themselves and even if it's the slightest incling you must realize that you are constantly being lead to a decision. It is in those decisions that you find the four paths 1. selfish (for Me) 2.selfless (for others) 3. good 4. evil. However in our construct things are a bit more simplistic. We will refer to them as Kingdoms seeing that each king has a domain. If we make a choice -because out path has lead us there- it will be for the betterment of one of two kingdoms. will it be for the kingdom of the rebel or of the creator. If you consistently choose for the rebel then it suffices to say that the Creator can not have you in His kingdom because you have sided with the enemy

Harsh but true. Knowing that this is Not all there is and that there is an eternity with two choices of residence make the decision all the more urgent.

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