• Jason Klahr

Fear and the NWO

Living without fear in a fallen world

The world we live in (us over 50) are seeing revolutionary change for the worse. Mostly for those who Have enjoyed the freedoms that the U.S.A. has provided. We are actually seeing an age old nemesis. It is the antithesis of our beloved and God centered "Constitutional Republic" masquerading as a form of government and cloaking itself again and again as the intellectual answer to all our problems. This time it has pulled out all the stops by attacking the fabric of a free society.

Christianity, as demonstrated by Jesus himself, the bond that can weather every storm, fend off all attacks, and drive the evil from this world is the fabric that has been compromised. Wolves in sheeps clothing have crept in and beguiled the faithful and lead them into a weak and watered down church. She has been mollified by human reasoning and made ignorant by experiential movements. So far from the truth of Gods kingdom principles that God Would need to break His own law to allow us to move in His power.

We have all been given the tools to destroy the works of the devil, but instead we try to fight hellfire with hellfire. Instead of believing in everything that God has told us to do in order to live a life of power and not defeat.

The good news is that it is only to late when you die. Till then we all have the chance to repent and get on track with Gods Kingdom. not democracy, Egalitarianism, socialism or even our beloved constitution. First off, take this letter and ask God (in what ways Have I been or am I being deceived about you(God). Do I espouse your precepts concerning: the sanctity of life, marriage, sexual orientation or do I subscribe to any other of the myriad of lies being circulated these days. Do I back politicians that reject Gods ways. Do I even fully Know your ways.

The hard part is to admit the you have been wrong. Just know that the only one that will hold it against you is satan (and he don't count). God is patient and continually seeking His best for you. Repentance is the key. the latin word for repent is to completely turn around from thought or action. Repentance to God is a change of Heart not direction. If your Heart is pure, your direction will follow. the devil doesn't like to lose subscribers so, his Ad campaigns are powerful and always strive to be "Top Of Mind". It can be like listen to the radio while your neighbors rock band is play in his garage. it takes effort to tune out the devil. God being omniscient understands when you "follow the wrong voice" and fall for the devil propaganda. Repentance is to recognize your error and seek Gods forgiveness and seek His guidance.

God is faithful to forgive.

God does not want you to have your best life now. He wants you to use this life "now" to understand and help other to understand who he is. your best life is to come. Although Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners, He committed no sin. Jesus came to fulfill the law not abolish it. He summed up the Law in two commands Matthew 5:17-20 Galatians 5:14.

Our Goal as a disciple was never to save people. It is God's Holy spirit designation to care for that. Ours is tone a disciple of Christ, live in a manner that pleases the King and to tell of the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. To weaken His message by preaching acceptance without repentance or sin without consequence is to rob people of the most precious gift God has to offer... Life eternal in the arms of Christ Jesus

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's. clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

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