• Jason Klahr

As concerning 1 Corinthians 7:4

The point to Paul's line of reasoning is that we learn to submit to God by submitting to one another. No where is this more important but increasingly less evident in the marriage. This is due in large part to a world view bleeding into Christian wisdom. Our willing submission to our spouse shows obedience to God likewise the lack thereof show blatant disregard for His protective principles. Paul's admonition goes beyond the bedroom wall and into every aspect of married life. If I were to want to get a tattoo it is not my decision alone. We tend to fear being defrauded and therefore hesitant to give control to our spouse. I began to see my wife shortly after our marriage in this way: We are one not only in covenant but as God the father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one in being, so are we. It really is not more complicated than that. Having that approach, I feel as she feels in my increasing ability as I seek to live with her in understanding. Therefore, I would do nothing to hurt or jeopardize her. As for me I am helped by God to understand and diminish any self destructive behavior in me. If my right arm hurts I attend to it -she being my "Right Arm". Barring extreme behavior from a spouse such as abuse or coercion to disobey God we should endeavor to be pleasing to our spouse. Its referred to as dying to ones self. Provision is made in that text that a time out for prayer and fasting be observed but only in mutual agreement. Two mature Godly people would be able to work this out without resorting to misappropriating scripture so as to gain autonomy or as the kids are calling these days "Egalitarian". One thing most harmful to Gods work in you is to demand your rights. Jesus never once demanded His rights nor did He subvert the people into disobedient behavior. ie. Peter was told to go fishing for tax money by Jesus. Be not many masters (teachers) to such is the greater condemnation.

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